Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Editing, waiting, writers life.

 Today it's ridiculously hot, and I've hardly slept. Unlike a lot of writers I don't live off coffee and the tea I like is caffeine free. So I'm switching between cold juice, and cold soda.

So when I got an email from my editor with the first edits of my up coming menage/poly novel I had mixed feelings. I was cranky from lack of sleep, but it is always interesting to see what an editor has to say, and what work needs to be done. Not to mention editing means the story is one step closer to being shared. which excites me.

I set up my laptop, and got to work. I was presently surprised. There was hardly any corrections to be made, and no major changes. Little tweaks needed to be made, a few areas needed polishing. But a few issues I had in the first draft of an earlier novel where not there, which gave me the nice feeling of growing as a writer.

The story I was editing was called 'Pale Light' It will be out some time in August. Feel free to ask any questions about it. As I mentioned above it revolves around a menage relationship, it also has a mystery and werewolves. I'd like to here what you guys think of poly in M/M books.

As for waiting, today is the 1st of July, and my first solo novel with Torqere press is coming out on the 22nd. It's getting so close, but feels so far away. I've self published long stories before, but this is my first long traditionally published story. It's about 35k, and it's called 'The Dusty Hat Bar' Again any questions feel free to drop them here or tweet me them at @ljhamlin Its a love story about Cowboys. I know cowboys have been done a lot in M/M books, but I wanted to give it a shot, and I love the characters I created.

So that's my writers life today, I want to try to update this blog more often. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see, anything you'd like to know about my books or me, just let me know. And please feel free to sign up to my mailing list in my profile for updates, links on the day of release ect, or to add me on twitter. Also I have an authors page on Facebook. It'd mean a lot if you'd give it a like.    

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